Mature Gardening

Mature Gardening

Raised beds, such as these, make gardening easier. The “Gardening Smarter as We Mature” series offered by University of Nevada Cooperative Extension this spring teaches how to garden more easily as the body ages

The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension is offering a series of free classes at 11 locations statewide for maturing gardeners. The “Gardening Smarter as We Mature” series teaches how to garden more easily as the body changes and ages.

The classes are taught by Health, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Specialist Anne Lindsay and Social Horticulture Specialist Angela O’Callaghan. They will focus on the biomechanics of the body, covering gross and fine motor skills, core strengthening, cardiovascular health, strength and endurance. Participants will learn practical gardening applications, such as simplifying gardening life, prioritizing tasks, using lower-maintenance plants and gardening in raised beds.

Classes run from 10 a.m. to noon, April 8 and May 14. April 8 covers using the maturing body properly, techniques and tools.  May 14 is all about simplifying gardening life.

Classes will be held at Cooperative Extension’s Lifelong Learning Center located at 8050 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nev., 702-222-3130, and will be available via interactive video other Cooperative Extension Nevada locations.

Registration is required. If you have questions, contact Skelly, at 775.887.2252. To register in Las Vegas, call the Lifelong Learning Center. Persons in need of special accommodations or assistance should call at least three days prior to the scheduled event.